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Monday, 26 March 2012

Sweet Alternative Wedding Dresses....Thrifty Prices to Boot!

Mauve-In Date Dress...available at Modcloth.  ($72.99 USD)
The champagne-cream colour and the paper bag pleats make this trés eye-ctching.
Although I have my wedding dress (click here to read the saga), I keep seeing cute ensembles that would look sweet on a non-formal bride.  Not from traditional bridal boutiques, these little numbers are also much easier on your wallet.  :)

Spring Picnic Embroidered Dress By MM Couture..available at Ruche.  ($83.99 USD)
So sweet!   

Lyrical Sea Lily Dress...available at Modcloth. ($47.99 USD)
Sold out, currently.  I love the lace.

 Ivories & Creams...

 Carefree Capers Crochet Lace Dress...available at Lulus.  ($60 USD)
Earthy, organic...lovely.

Lucca Couture Haven Cream Dress...available at Lulus.  ($78 USD)
Casual-chic...for an effortless bride.

Dela Costas Crochet Sweater Dress...available at Ruche. ($39.99)
So vintage!

Francine Dress by Heartbreaker Fashion...available at Ruche. ($95.99 USD)
Another modern vintage delight!

Just a Kiss One Shoulder Dress...available at Ruche. ($46.99 USD)
Sweet!  Material, such as a moss green chiffon, could be added to lengthen the hem.


...Flowy.  Pass the Sugar, Pleats Dress...available at Modcloth.  ($89.99 USD).
Unbelted, it reminds me of a flapper girl.  

Frozen Confection Dress...available at Modcloth. ($74.99 USD).
Like a modern Gunne Sax.

These are a bit pricier...

Comet Allez-Vous Dress...available at Modcloth.  ($157.99 USD)
The textured golden stripes are reminiscent of tree bark.  :)

Winter Waltz Dress in Ivory...available at Modcloth.  ($199.99 USD)
More vintage-inspiration!

Goddess of the Gala Dress...available at Modcloth.  ($197.99 USD)
My favourite!  I love this so much!  

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  1. Gorgeous dresses, it must be so hard to choose between so many styles. Gonna peek at your link about your dress now!

    Sadie xx


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