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Friday, 10 May 2013

Abercrombie and Fitch...Sucking Mega-Time...Some Swears Ahead!

Whoa!  What a decidedly UNPOSITIVE title!  Why is Jaclyn being so mean?  Well, because A&F's CEO (pictured below) has come out and said if you are over a size 10 you don't belong is the brand's apparel.  Not that I WANT to wear their shit, but what a jerky thing to say.  I'm gonna leave it to Peaches to talk about this one...she sums it up quite nicely.

Who wouldn't want to fit this man's ideal of attractiveness?  (eyes rolling...)


For anyone, especially young people, who does not "belong" (according to the the CEO) in A& F's clothing, I offer you this: Fuck them.  Fuck them and then smile while you spend your dollars somewhere more egalitarian.  You don't need to conform to a 67-year-old's fucked up concept of attractiveness.  You don't belong in their clothes?!  This company does not belong on your credit card statement.  For those of us who fit into the brand's sizes, thereby earning admission into the A & F culture, I ask you this: do you want to advertise for (by wearing the logo) and give money to such a fine example of corporate fuckery?


  1. Oh Jaclyn you hit the nail on the head. This ignorant idea would know beauty if it hit him in his mashed up-botox face.

    'The Girl Who' blogger Monica artfully reminded Abercrombie that it is the MOTHERS of their teenage clientele that are actually purchasing the clothes. He pissed off the wrong group of women.....

    1. JOJO! Your comment about his face killed me! So true!! Don't mess with mommas!! Also, A & F apparently would rather BURN their clothing than donate unsold merchandise. What the fuckety fuck?! http://business.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474978689427

      What kind souls are governing that business!

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