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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Showing off a Preschooler's Masterpiece (DIY)

A hint of the finished product...

My little niece-beast, L., is really into creating works of art.  This past week, she gave me a scrap of coloured paper to bring home.  Now, it could have gone on the fridge, which is already a gallery-shrine to her work.  But, no.  It was not meant to be.  Instead, I gave it a gallery treatment and it now hangs proudly on our "art wall" in the bedroom.  Mr. Hubs has proclaimed it one of his favourite works of art.

This cost me absolutely nada to create, as I had all the materials on hand.

I used:

*A wooden frame and acrylic artwork that were going to be thrown out (therefore, I had to rescue them)
*Black acrylic paint
*Gold metallic acrylic paint
*White school glue

How it was done:

1.  I painted the wooden frame with a coat of the gold paint (one coat was sufficient).

 2.  As the artwork I used is smaller than the frame, I decided to paint over the artwork that came with the frame.  Two coats of black paint worked well.

Yes, I did feel a bit guilty painting over someone's work, but it was destined for the landfill anyway.

3.  Once this was dry, I glued the artwork onto the black surface.  Then, I covered the whole thing with a coat of glue.  Note: the artwork was made using magic markers, which are water soluable.  Therefore, I had to be careful to not smudge the drawing when applying the glue.  I did this by gently dabbing the paint.  As you can see from the picture at the top of this post, I was not entirely successful.  I blame this on leaving it to dry where cat hairs could gloriously intermingle with the glue (also evident in the first photo) and trying to get rid of them.

4.  Once the glue was dry, I popped it into the frame and hung it up with pride.

I think the asymmetrical torn edge lends a modern flair!  As for the smudges and cat hair?   Very post-modern.
End result: a kicking piece of art work and one proud auntie!

Here's another example of elevating "kid art," by Aunt Peaches! 


  1. that is LOVELY==and what a sweet auntie you are to promote this darling's art!!!

    1. Thanks! I have a feeling more of these will be made in the future!


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