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Monday, 5 August 2013

EASY Way to Break-In Shoes....Without Blisters!

My new 'vogs...which inspired this post.  Source.

In my collection of shoes (and no, I shall not reveal the number of shoes in said collection), I own a few pairs that are less than perfectly comfortable.  The culprit?  A narrow toe box.  The way I used to remedy this is by wearing said narrow-toe-boxed shoes, enduring the pain, until they stretched out.  WELL, the hell with that.  No more, I say.  No.  More.

While welcoming a new pair of fluevogs to my shoe family (Faith Hi Jericho in black, pictured above), they came to me fitting rather narrow.  Why not send them back?  They were an ebay purchase, so I didn't wish to look into a return.  As for selling them,  I knew that with wear they would stretch out and goshdarnit, I really liked them!!! I wanted them on MY feet.  So, off to the world of the internet I went.  And you know what I found out?  Two magical things could help me solve my problem: socks and rubbing alcohol.  THIS forum was what rocked my world...

**I have used this on satin and suede shoes with success.

Step 1: With a rag, cotton ball, or a sock, rub some alcohol on the inside of shoe where it needs to stretch out.

Step 2: Ball up a thick sock or two and stuff the shoe.  You can also put some alcohol on the sock(s) before stuffing the shoe.

Step 3: Wait...try on the shoes after a day and see if they need more stretching.  If so, repeat steps 1 and 2 and check again a day later.

I also did this with my wedding shoes (Fluevog Mircacles Cana) , which still needed to be stretched out a bit in the toe box.  This has made them more likely to be a regular part of my shoe wardrobe.

Cheap-ass dollarstore rubbing alcohol.

I used the sock to rub alcohol inside the toe-box and then crammed that sock in there like a boss.

Ready to become supah-comfy!  Also, please note the heel grips (MUST be rubbery with traction not the gel kind)....a necessity for me and heels.  Apparently I have narrow heels. 

Ah, the internet.  Such a glorious treasure trove of information.


  1. VERY INTERESTING!! i wonder if it works with sneakers?? i wonder also,what makes it work??

    1. Apparently, you can buy a shoe stretching spray that is mainly alcohol...you spray it and wear the shoe. I read that alcohol makes the leather more malleable. I guess it also does the same to satin. It would likely work for sneaks.

  2. LOVE those heels! The color of that blue green is so pretty! :) So glad you found what works for you to keep them nice and clean. Thanks for sharing this tip! :)


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