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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Thank you, Lilacs and Lupins

For me, simple is really powerful. Simple, to me, means easy- not a struggle. Effortless, like calm breath.
Purple delight (photo by Jaclyn Trecartin)

These lilacs and lupins are touchstones of the simplicity of the abundance all around. Beauty IS everywhere. These flowers and the vessels they are in are examples of gifts freely given.  The lilacs are from the tree the previous homeowners planted (thank you for that). The lupins are garnered from wildflower havens on a walk (two of which two little girls walking with their grandfather picked for me as our paths crossed). The vases they reside in were gifts from people who know I love handmade items and have a soft spot for cats.

A willingness to see the loveliness, and welcome it in is a powerful decision. It shifts perception and the reality created.  I believe we all are worthy of remembering this.  Here's to celebrating the ample gifts and glory around us.  No matter how off a day is, how cranky I am, when I remember I can see the beauty and choose to look for it my mood lifts.  Simple. Empowering.

Thank you, lilacs and lupins.

Wild dancing lupin! (photo by Jaclyn Trecartin)

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