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Monday 18 June 2018

I will see clearly...

The world we see is a reflection, only as clear as the lens of our perception.  This photo reminds me of that.  The mirror, aged and worn, distorts the images reflected upon it. 

What old beliefs do I hold which make my worldview distorted?  I'm discovering them by listening to my emotions. My feelings, when positive, let me know I am seeing clearly.  When I have some negative emotions, these are letting me know there are spots on my mirror of life, which I have the power to lift.  

 I love the time-worn appearance of this mirror and I am choosing to love my negative emotions--they are invitations to choose another path.

I will see clearly.

Self portrait, by Jaclyn Trecartin

Tuesday 12 June 2018

Thank you, Lilacs and Lupins

For me, simple is really powerful. Simple, to me, means easy- not a struggle. Effortless, like calm breath.
Purple delight (photo by Jaclyn Trecartin)

These lilacs and lupins are touchstones of the simplicity of the abundance all around. Beauty IS everywhere. These flowers and the vessels they are in are examples of gifts freely given.  The lilacs are from the tree the previous homeowners planted (thank you for that). The lupins are garnered from wildflower havens on a walk (two of which two little girls walking with their grandfather picked for me as our paths crossed). The vases they reside in were gifts from people who know I love handmade items and have a soft spot for cats.

A willingness to see the loveliness, and welcome it in is a powerful decision. It shifts perception and the reality created.  I believe we all are worthy of remembering this.  Here's to celebrating the ample gifts and glory around us.  No matter how off a day is, how cranky I am, when I remember I can see the beauty and choose to look for it my mood lifts.  Simple. Empowering.

Thank you, lilacs and lupins.

Wild dancing lupin! (photo by Jaclyn Trecartin)

Monday 11 June 2018

I Choose Light

Inspiration welcomed on an errand venture.  Canterbury Street delights, Saint John. Photos and poem by me (Jaclyn Trecartin).  I do choose light.

Friday 3 March 2017

A little love note...

Dear you...

Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling things others seem not to does not automatically make someone "crazy."  It could just mean their experience of life is more varied.  And the more we experience, the more we grow.

May you have a peaceful day,
Jaclyn :)

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Tuesday 28 February 2017

Ground Yo'self!

Ground yourself--connect to the centred calm within to maintain yourself.  You need this centring to remember who you are, keeping yourself anchored.  As a sensitive soul, it can be easy to forget this and to allow yourself to slip out of this centred place.  When this occurs, you are losing yourself--becoming overstimulated by data you have intuitively sensed.  To effectively sort through this data for empowered knowledge, you need this anchor.

Grounding keeps you present.  It keeps you in the NOW. Energetically, it is refocusing your consciousness upon yourself and your experience.  Biologically, it resets your nervous system to homeostasis.  Psychologically, it roots you in the present, mindfully aware and not ruminating over the past or possible future.

There are as many ways to ground as there are people incarnated--anything which brings your awareness to your calm centre will do.  Meditation, affirmation, visualization, going outside, moving your body--anything--can be grounding.  You need only to set the intent to ground and so it shall be.

Whichever methods work to ground yourself, try doing twice daily (once in the morning and once in the evening) as well as anytime you feel called to do so throughout the day.  It need not take long, as little as 30 seconds can be effective.  Begin to know what it feels like to be centred, and wire your brain to achieve this state.  With practice, you will be able to return to this centred state more and more readily.  You will begin to notice when you're not feeling grounded and consciously choose to become centred. You will find yourself becoming more empowered with your sensitivity--making a conscious decision to be at peace, regardless of the energy and events external to yourself.

Play around and explore different ways to become centred consciously.  Reclaim your calm.  Thrive.

May you have a peaceful day,
Jaclyn :)

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Sunday 26 February 2017

Making Sense of Clairsenses...

Any, and all, of our five senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch) can be heightened.  Some people hear dog whistles, others have more than 20/20 vision.  Tactile, taste, and smell senses can also be more sensitive than what is typically considered "normal."  And any of these senses can be heightened intuitively.  Intuitively simply means one is picking up on data not typically acknowledged.  

We all have one mode of sensing and interacting with the world which is more relied upon (even if we are not aware of this fact). For sensitives, this means one of the five senses will be more heightened.  When a sense is intuitively heightened, it is commonly referred to as a "clair."  Clair, means pure and clear, providing insight. So, when it is placed as a prefix in front of any other word, it merely means clearly-(whatever that word is).

Clairvoyance refers to sight, clairaudience to hearing, clairsentience to feeling, clairgustance to taste, and clairsalience refers to heightened smell.  What makes a sense truly intuitive is when one is properly managing it, and effectively integrating the data received.  Clair senses are skills that deserve some honing and care.  To get the clearest data, one needs to be properly grounded and have the intent to receive only truth.  

It can be very useful to develop a meditation practice, journeying inward to re-discover your beautiful clair sensing.  Personally, I find a mantra, such as "I effectively recognize my sensitivity, it empowers me rather than cause distress" very useful for preventing sensory overwhelm.

There is nothing strange, weird, or wrong about having heightened senses.  I believe our natural state is to engage with our intuition, for clarity and empowerment.  When we learn about ourselves, including our sensitivity, we can truly thrive.

May you have a peaceful day,
Jaclyn :)

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Friday 24 February 2017

Sensitive Souls Need To Come to Terms with Their Sensitivity...

Your sensitivity is not a curse or a hardship.  Really.  I KNOW it can feel that way at times, but that is the ego speaking.  I believe the truth is this: before coming to this planet you elected to have your sensitivities--you made a choice  Ask and ye shall receive...and you received. 

What makes your sensitivity SEEM like a hardship is a lack of proper management of these skills.  You CAN learn to manage them, and be empowered by your sensitivity.  But first, you need to release any hang-ups you have about being sensitive.  It is time to let go of the tendency to see it as a weakness.  Your sensitivity is not weak.  You are, in reality, very very (very!) strong!

To kick-start this remembrance of your strength, I offer you this affirmation: "I effectively recognize and release information garnered from my sensitivity.  My skills empower me rather than cause me distress."  If you feel drawn to it, you may wish to end the affirmation by thanking the universe/god/love/truth/any other helpful energy for supporting you in this endeavour.

I recommend saying the affirmation aloud twice a day (morning and evening) for a week (you can say it more as you feel drawn to).  Also taking a few minutes each day to see/sense/FEEL yourself effectively using your sensitivity is another strategy.  The point is to begin to recognize you have the skills to effectively manage your sensitivities, and begin to prime a neural pathway in your brain making it easier to access this state.  It's traditional therapy, neuroscience, and the law of attraction all at play.

By reframing your mindset from hardship to empowerment, you are making a shift.  This is a shift you deserve and are capable of experiencing.  

May you have a peaceful day,
Jaclyn :)

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