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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Making Sense of Clairsenses...

Any, and all, of our five senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch) can be heightened.  Some people hear dog whistles, others have more than 20/20 vision.  Tactile, taste, and smell senses can also be more sensitive than what is typically considered "normal."  And any of these senses can be heightened intuitively.  Intuitively simply means one is picking up on data not typically acknowledged.  

We all have one mode of sensing and interacting with the world which is more relied upon (even if we are not aware of this fact). For sensitives, this means one of the five senses will be more heightened.  When a sense is intuitively heightened, it is commonly referred to as a "clair."  Clair, means pure and clear, providing insight. So, when it is placed as a prefix in front of any other word, it merely means clearly-(whatever that word is).

Clairvoyance refers to sight, clairaudience to hearing, clairsentience to feeling, clairgustance to taste, and clairsalience refers to heightened smell.  What makes a sense truly intuitive is when one is properly managing it, and effectively integrating the data received.  Clair senses are skills that deserve some honing and care.  To get the clearest data, one needs to be properly grounded and have the intent to receive only truth.  

It can be very useful to develop a meditation practice, journeying inward to re-discover your beautiful clair sensing.  Personally, I find a mantra, such as "I effectively recognize my sensitivity, it empowers me rather than cause distress" very useful for preventing sensory overwhelm.

There is nothing strange, weird, or wrong about having heightened senses.  I believe our natural state is to engage with our intuition, for clarity and empowerment.  When we learn about ourselves, including our sensitivity, we can truly thrive.

May you have a peaceful day,
Jaclyn :)

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