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Friday, 24 February 2017

Sensitive Souls Need To Come to Terms with Their Sensitivity...

Your sensitivity is not a curse or a hardship.  Really.  I KNOW it can feel that way at times, but that is the ego speaking.  I believe the truth is this: before coming to this planet you elected to have your sensitivities--you made a choice  Ask and ye shall receive...and you received. 

What makes your sensitivity SEEM like a hardship is a lack of proper management of these skills.  You CAN learn to manage them, and be empowered by your sensitivity.  But first, you need to release any hang-ups you have about being sensitive.  It is time to let go of the tendency to see it as a weakness.  Your sensitivity is not weak.  You are, in reality, very very (very!) strong!

To kick-start this remembrance of your strength, I offer you this affirmation: "I effectively recognize and release information garnered from my sensitivity.  My skills empower me rather than cause me distress."  If you feel drawn to it, you may wish to end the affirmation by thanking the universe/god/love/truth/any other helpful energy for supporting you in this endeavour.

I recommend saying the affirmation aloud twice a day (morning and evening) for a week (you can say it more as you feel drawn to).  Also taking a few minutes each day to see/sense/FEEL yourself effectively using your sensitivity is another strategy.  The point is to begin to recognize you have the skills to effectively manage your sensitivities, and begin to prime a neural pathway in your brain making it easier to access this state.  It's traditional therapy, neuroscience, and the law of attraction all at play.

By reframing your mindset from hardship to empowerment, you are making a shift.  This is a shift you deserve and are capable of experiencing.  

May you have a peaceful day,
Jaclyn :)

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