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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Crystals...a gift for the sensitive soul (Thriving Sensitives)

Nature has gifted us with many wonderful tools. Crystals are one such resource.  While the term "crystal" technically means a geometric substance, most of us use it to refer to gems and stones from the earth.  These offerings from the soil have properties we can benefit from--properties for our health.  

As sensitive people, we can become over-loaded and over-stimulated at times.  The ultimate goal is to be more centred than un-balanced, but some days this feels bit more difficult than others.  

Personally, when I am feeling stressed or physically unwell it is more challenging for me to manage my sensitivity effectively.  At these times, tools and aids are a godsend!  I especially love crystals, and rarely leave the home without some piece of the earth on my body (I did a typo and wrote that "peace," which I find very fruedian-slip-y).

As an offering, I have created a free 'lil ebook on using crystals for helping your sanity,if you'd live a copy, sign up at tinyurl.com/crystalebook

If crystals are something you have worked with and are interested in, I'd love to hear from you! 

May you have a peaceful day,
Jaclyn :)

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