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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Love Filters!

"All You Need is Love..."

Love is all you need.

As sensitives we can find ourselves feeling weighed down by the non-love crap surrounding us in the ethers.  Not only are we dealing with the awareness of non-love and how it is pretty sucky, we can sense the actual energy of it.  And, I think you'll agree with me here, that shit don't feel good. 

You know what feels good?  Love.  Love is the most powerful of all energies.  It can effectively filter out all the crap.  It's like wearing UV filtering sunglasses--it lets in the good stuff while keeping the other bits away.

There are a myriad of ways to engage this love filter and they all have one thing in common: intention.  If you set the intent to ensconce yourself in a bubble of love-energy, which purifies and strengthens your physical and energetic self, then it is done.  Yes, there are many wonderful tools to help focus this intent.  I love wearing and engaging with crystals, leaning into their high-vibes.  Essential oils, plants, mantras, and other aids exist.  Use what you feel drawn to and play around with it.  Have fun. 

A really fun and simple way to engage your love filter is through visualization. Still yourself and take a deep breath in.  As you exhale, see/sense yourself TOTALLY surrounded by a pink light.  Allow the light to enter your physical body.  Note how it forms a bubble all around you.  See the bubble's edge.  As you inhale, the edge strengthens.  Imagine non-love energy approaching your bubble and fading (like mist), unable to enter your sacred space.  See your bubble remain strong.  Notice how the love-energy all around you is able to come in and make you feel better...and strengthen your filter.  

And presto you have engaged your glorious love-filter!  Notice how your mental, emotional, physical, and energetic health feel when this filter is up compared to when you don't use it.  I know you'll find the love-filter much more peaceful than being without.

As you surround yourself with love, you tap into that energy more easily and readily.  You deserve this.  And the world deserves your happiness and peace.  When one increases her peace, we all benefit.

Thank you for being a champion of love.

May you have a peaceful day,
Jaclyn :)

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