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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Oneness of Us All

"We are all one."

What does that even mean?  Over the last few years I have been really considering these words.  We are one.  

To me, it means we are equal.  We come from one source (call it God, call it the big bang from where life stemmed, call it whatever), so we cannot be better or worse than each other.  And...every day we have the opportunity to remember this.  And not just once a day, but several (several) times a day.

We are all the same.  We are all one.  When we remember this we do not have conflict (inner or external).  We do not have fear.  There is no competition.  There is only peace.  We can only choose love, for ourselves and for others.  I also believe we all come from a loving source, which has created us as pure love.  So not only are we equal, we are all equally fantastic.

Of course, we do not always go in this vein of joyous communion with our brothers and sisters.  We believe we are capable of attack, so we feel attacked.  We believe there are levels of humans--some better than others--and we gauge ourselves according to how we stack up against this imaginary measurement.  And the cool thing is, when we have deviated from the knowledge that we are all equal, we do not feel good (and yes, this is a good thing).  We have negative emotional responses.  This is because we have stepped out of synch with what we know to be true (and we really do, underneath all conditioning telling us otherwise): that we are good and so it, underneath it all, everyone else.  I have been reading and listening to lectures on the Law of Attraction, especially those by Abraham-Hicks.  The Law of Attraction suggests when we have such a negative response, it is a call from our inner guidance system to re-adjust our thinking.  This adjustment allows us to remember the truth, to remember equality.

So, recognizing and allowing ourselves to feel our negative emotional responses, with the purpose of learning from them and re-aligning ourselves to a happier place, is very empowering.  Do not judge yourself for feeling these feelings.  Thank these feelings as the cautionary alert system, which is driving you to remember that we are all one.

Let's take a moment to look at this closer.  Say I am driving and the person behind me is tailgating. Maybe I have thoughts such as, "That jerk isn't being safe--what if I stopped short?!" "Whaddaya in such a hurry for, buddy?!" "It's silly of me to be going this speed...I am inconveniencing them....I should pull over.  I'm not a very good driver."  These thoughts don't feel very good.  So, in this scenario, let's say I recognize my negative emotions are indicating I have forgotten the fact that we are all one.  So, I try to bring it back around.  It may take some time at first.  "Well, we may be all equal, but he still shouldn't be following me this closely." That doesn't make me feel too great, but I have reintroduced the concept of us being equal, so I feel a bit better.  "I feel good driving at this speed.  If he'd like, he'll have an opportunity to pass me in a moment.  If I want to pull over, I can.  I think I would feel safer if I pulled over, so he can go along at his preferred pace.  It does not mean I am weak or a timid driver to pull over.  It will take an extra half-minute or so for me to do so.  Some people travel at different paces.  He can choose the pace he'd like to go at.  This looks like a good place to pull over.  I hope he has safe travels."  I'd be feeling much better after this train of thought than the previous one I was on.  

Currently, I am making my way through the Hickses' book, The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide, which goes into this concept in greater detail, so this philosophy is on my mind.  Personally, I have seen how effective it is and also I am seeing results when my clients begin to engage this process of adjusting their reaction to negative emotions.  If you feel called to learn more about the Law of Attraction, and Abraham-Hicks, I hope you find it serves you.

Peaceful days to you!


P.S.  Linking is done to share resources, not for affiliate purposes...meaning I don't benefit monetarily if you choose to buy the book.

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