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Friday, 17 February 2017

Winter Thoughts: The benefit of storms

Within the last week, our region (Saint John, NB, Canada) has been hit with, essentially, a butt-load of snow.  Like, where-are-we-gonna-put-it-all?! amount of snow.  Schools, streets, and businesses have been closed, including my practice.  You see, I have a policy: I am not going to drive in a storm to come to work and I don't expect my clients to as well.  So, this week I worked a whopping two days (one of which was actually a half day to allow us time to dig out from the previous day's blizzard).  While in the past, that amount of time out of the office (and rescheduling clients) may have initiated a stress response in the past, this week, I am looking (and seeing!) the benefit of the storms.

Mother Nature is basically making it so I have to slow down and chill.  When you are snowed in and have 3-5 hours of digging out to do (yes, a snow-blower will likely be something we invest in for next winter), the concept of time kinda becomes a mute point.  When I am making a pathway from our deck to the driveway, all the "I could/should be doing x, y, and z" thoughts  stop.  I have no choice but to be in the moment.  It can actually be quite zen to get in the rhythm of shovelling and being outside, noticing how the light twinkles on the snow and hearing birds in the trees.  Plus, in order to prevent over-exertion and injury, a slow and moderate pace is better than trying to rush through it, as well as listening to my body (such as, "Lady! Switch arm positions on the shovel and bend with your knees.")  And breaks...I try to take a few breaks, incorporating mindfulness/meditation while doing so.

Also, Mama Nature's storm show has encouraged me to connect more with our neighbours.  When you are out diggin' and so is the person across the street, you catch each other's eye and wave.  Or chat (chatting is really nice, because it encourages a break from the aforementioned snow-shovelling).  And, sometimes, you have really nice neighbours who use their snow-blower to get rid of the huge snow-bank the road-ploughs have created at your driveway's end.

I also find that when my husband and I are shovelling together, it is like a fantastic couple-bonding project.  We appreciate the work each other does and work as a partnership.  Sometimes it takes two brains to figure out where to put the metres of snow being removed from the driveway.

And when the weather clears, there is something so gorgeous about watching the sun rise and set over freshly fallen snow.  And the moon?  Don't get me started on how stunning a sight it is to have the moon hanging above gentle snow drifts.

Do I love storms which bring piles of snow?  No, I do not.  I prefer clear streets and being able to walk across my yard without snow reaching my waist.  But, I am determined to make the best of the weather, staying optimistic.

May you be warm and happy wherever this post finds you!

--Jaclyn :)

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